10:00AM, Saturday 26 November

About The Event

Kingdom Hack is a multidisciplinary Hackathon which will bring together competitors to participate over 24 hours to make something amazing. The event is targeted towards anyone who has an idea and a passion to realise the idea. From coders and biohackers to entrepreneurs and first-time tinkerers, Kingdom Hack is for all.

The Wollongong event will be held at the Unicentre, located on the Main Campus of the University of Wollongong. Situated an hour south of Sydney, in stunning coastal city of Wollongong, the Gong has a thriving and growing startup scene that is always looking for new talent. With the assistance of our local startup accelerator, iAccelerate, the region has produced some of Australia's most inspiring and able startups.

The Unicentre's open space, groovy architecture, hide-away spaces and bean bags provide a place to create and hack without distraction. To help you realise your potential, tech talks from industry leaders will be available to complement your work and take your project to the next level.

With workshops leading up to the main event, be sure to secure your place early to position yourself or your team as the first, ever, member of the Ordo Uictoribus!

The Location

Accessible by bus, train or car, the University of Wollongong campus has multiple ways to bring the awesomeness.

The University has multiple parking areas within the campus. We recommend P8 as it is closest to the venue. Parking is free on weekends in most places with P1 Multistory Security a notable exception. Learn More

Train and Bus
If you are travelling from the Sydney CBD or airport, you can take a train on the South Coast Line to North Wollongong Station. From there you can either choose to walk to the campus or catch the 55C Free Shuttle bus which operates every 20 mins on weekends. No student ID or payment required.


Saturday, 26th November

10:00 AM
Doors open

11:00 AM
Introductory Proceedings

12:00 PM
Hacking Begins!

1:30 PM

2:30 PM
Tech Talks

6:30 PM

9:00 PM
Doors shut, continue working or go home

Sunday, 27th November

8:00 AM
Doors open

8:30 AM

9:30 AM
Presentation Rehearsals

12:00 PM
Stop Hacking!

12:30 PM

1:15 PM
Judging Begins

3:55 PM
Announce Winners

4:45 PM
Doors Close

Pledge allegiance to your kind

Choose a house. Work for victory. Share in the spoils.

House of
Market and Coin

Startups, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Members of this house dare to dream, envision products and services, and motivate their group in creating them.

House of
Mace and Hammer

IoT, 3D Printer, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, you name it - Engineers enjoy the challenge of taking a device and making it do something extraordinary to create an innovative solution to an everyday problem.

House of
Brush and Canvas

These creative types have an appreciation for the artistic or user experience of the project and provide aid for seeing the creative potential of the world around us.

House of
Binary and Logic

Utilising frameworks, cutting code on their laptops until the early hours of the morning running on no more than 2 hours sleep and too many energy drinks. Developers make the world go round and bring ideas to reality.

Share The Spoils

Go for one, or go for them all

First Prize

$2,000 CASH

Hot Desks at WOTSO Workspace Pyrmont

The winning team must start using the desks on the first of any given month. WOTSO Workspace Pyrmont location only.

Thanks to: WiseTech Global, WOTSO Workspace

Second Prize

$1,000 Cash

Thanks to: Kingdom Hack

Market & Coin

iAccelerate Workshops/Lectures in 2017

Thanks to: iAccelerate

Brush & Canvas

Adobe Creative Cloud 12 Month Subscriptions

Thanks to: Adobe

Binary & Logic

Ducky Mechanical Keyboards

Thanks to: Kingdom Hack

Mace & Hammer

Raspberry Pi's and Particle Photons

Thanks to: Kingdom Hack

Lucky Door

Das Professional Mechanical Keyboard

It's pure luck! We'll pick a ticket number out of a hat.

Thanks to: Splice Social

Grab Tickets!

Ticket Title Cost Order Quantity Subtotal
Early Bird $25.00 --
General Admission $35.00 --
Student $25.00 --
Grand Total $0.00

What's included:

  • Food and drink for the entire weekend
  • Chance to win a share of $10,000 worth of prizes and giveaways
  • Free T-Shirt
  • Free Barista Coffee
  • $10 Canva Credit
  • Access to 3D Printers!
  • Meet like-minded people
  • Access to company reps & mentors
Please note:

Student tickets will require you to use a University or other institutional (.edu.au) address. Your ticket may be refunded if this is not the case. All tickets include catering for food and non-alcoholic drinks on the day. Catering details and requirements will be emailed to you closer to event day.

Major Panel Judges

Brett Shearer

Chief Architect, WiseTech Global

Brett is one of WiseTech Global’s most respected technical people. He has been with the company since the very beginning and today stands as head of development being responsible for achieving consistent outcomes across hundreds of developers though test driven development.  Brett also recently completed his Masters from UTS.  In his spare time, Brett is an avid Cyclist and enjoys a good camping trip or two.

Joanne Jacobs

Managing Partner, Disruptor's Handbook

Joanne Jacobs is an award-winning digital strategist and company director, and she is the Managing Partner (with Gavin Heaton) of Disruptor's Handbook, a firm that facilitates incubation of innovation in enterprise - and through hackathons.  She is on the Board of Code Club Australia, as well as the NSW Government Digital Advisory Panel, she is on the Telstra Industry Advisory Board and she is an active mentor of startups at the Telstra accelerator, Muru-D.

Rebecca Martin

Developer Evangelist, Xero

Bec Martin is a Developer Evangelist at Xero, and is part of an fantastic team that maintains the developer ecosystem around Xero’s add-on partners. Bec is also part of the Australian hackathon scene and the social developer community in Australian. Bec left life as an accountant to pursue technology and development. She’s also passionate about making other girls and women aware that technology is a viable and rewarding career option for them too.

Steve King

Product Manager, Atlassian

Steve King is a Product Manager at Atlassian who is a passionate advocate for hacker culture and shares his experiences and knowledge with anyone who is willing to learn. Steve confesses to doing what he loves - mentoring people of all ages to solve complex problems in abstract ways and connecting their passion with the tools and skills to help them deliver.



What is the minimum age?

Kingdom Hack will only allow competitors who are over 18 years of age. Children spectating the event must be accompanied at all times by an adult.

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an internationally used term to describe a competition where competitors of all disciplines come together and create or “hack something together” over a limited amount of time, in order to win prizes and gain bragging rights amongst their peers.

Is this even legal?

In case you’re wondering, no we won’t be actually hacking into things, committing any cyber crimes, and using physical objects to break into things.

Is food provided?

Food will be provided at the event including lunch and dinner for the 2 days as well as breakfast on the Sunday. On top of this we will also be including fruit, various snacks, noodles, muesli, tea & coffee and juice throughout the event.

Will I be safe at the event?

Kingdom Hack is dedicated to high levels of safety of its competitors at the event. All competitors are required to agree to the Hacker Code of Conduct prior to entry. Competitors who fail to act in accordance with the Code will be expelled from the event and venue.

I don't know how to code, can I still participate?

Kingdom Hack is more than just coding. All teams will always require teams made up of individual skillsets across a wide range of areas - such as graphic design and product management - to make their product unique and marketable.

How can I find team members?

We will be hosting multiple meetups in the weeks leading up to the event so you can connect with like-minded people. You'll also be able to find team members using our website closer to the event. And yes, name badges will be on offer.

What about alcohol and smoking?

We are not permitted to serve alcohol nor do we permit you to bring your own alcohol under any circumstance. Failure to do so will result in expulsion from the event. The UniBar is a 30-second walk away for your drinking needs. The Unicentre and Main Campus is now 100% smoke free.

I can't come anymore, can I get a refund?

Any competitor who finds themselves unable to make the event will need to get in touch to arrange a refund. In most cases, we will simply return your money and release your ticket to the pool.

What can I build at Kingdom Hack?

The sky's the limit! While there are categories in which you can have your creation entered into to win prizes, there will always be room for all the weird and wacky creations which always come out of a hackathon. Whether it be a 3D printed boat controlled by an IoT device or a game that takes players to the depths of the universe, everything legal and safe is on the table!

What's the maximum team size? Do I need a team?

At this stage we would like to try and keep the team sizes to a maximum of 4 people. If you wish to compete solo at the event this is totally acceptable and your work will not be looked at any less favourably as a result.

Can I compete in multiple category prizes?

You bet you can. Kingdom Hack not only allows but encourages participants to have their creations entered in multiple categories to maximise their chances of winning, as well as allowing their creations to be as vibrant and exciting as they can be.

Do you provide computers and/or hardware?

We'll be providing access to a number of 3D Printers on the weekend. Other than that, we won't be providing any other hardware or computers. It's a BYO(D) event!

Can my team have an external member?

Yes, we do allow you to have team members work remotely. However, they must purchase a ticket and at least 50% of your team should be present at the event in Wollongong, NSW.

Kingdom Hack Wollongong is run by the Wollongong Information Technology Society.

WITS is a university student society for UOW students with an interest in technology and the IT Community.

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